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Nobel Laureate Prof t’Hooft concludes 3-day workshop @ Majulab with talk

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Nobel Laureate Prof t'Hooft concludes 3-day workshop @ Majulab with talk

Professor Gerard t’Hooft, from Utrecht University, delivered a talk on “The role of fermions in magnetic monopoles and other solitons” that concluded a three-day workshop organized by MajuLab that gathered experts in the field of SU(N) gauge fields and cold atoms.

“Prof t’Hooft explained why the magnetic monopole predicted in Grand Unified Theories is a violent catalyst for proton decay", reported Dr Christian Miniatura, director of MajuLab.

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Photo credit: Centre for Quantum Technologies
Nobel Laureate Prof Gerard t’Hooft spoke on 21 January to a full house at the Centre for Quantum Technologies