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Theory | Experimental Physics | Quantum computing


Berge Englert pic Berthold-Georg Englert, Professor, NUS, Principal Investigator, CQT, Deputy Director, UMI MajuLab
Berge Englert Group
Quantum Optics, Information Theory, Randomness
Benoît Grémaud Benoît Grémaud, Research Director, CNRS, CQT Fellow, Visiting Research Associate Professor at Department of Physics, NUS
Benoît Grémaud Group
Quantum Transport and Disorder, Quantum Degenerate Gases, Strongly Interacting Systems, Artificial Gauge Fields, Multiple Scattering of Light
Kwek Leong Chuan pic Kwek Leong Chuan, Associate Professor, NIE, NTU, Principal Investigator, CQT
Kwek Leong Chuan Group
Quantum Information, Quantum Optics, Atomtronics, Many-Body Physics
Christian Miniatura Christian Miniatura, Director, UMI MajuLab, Research Director, CNRS, Visiting Research Professor at CQT and Department of Physics, NUS & PAP SPMS, NTU
Group: Benoît Grémaud
Quantum Transport and Disorder, Quantum Degenerate Gases, Strongly Interacting Systems, Artificial Gauge Fields, Multiple Scattering of Light
Ng Hui Khoon pic Ng Hui Khoon, Assistant Professor, Yale-NUS
Group: Berge Englert
Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Error Correction
Tomasz Paterek pic Tomasz Paterek, Assistant Professor, NTU
Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics and Information Theory, Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology, Mathematics
Massimo Pica-Ciamarra pic Massimo Pica-Ciamarra, Associate Professor, NTU
Pica-Ciamarra group
Statistical Mechanics of Complex and Disordered Systems, Granular Media, Amorphous Materials
Dario Poletti pic Dario Poletti, Assistant Professor, SUTD
Dario Poletti Group
Quantum Physics, Optics, Photonics, Complex Systems, Ultracold Gases
Pinaki Sengupta pic Pinaki Sengupta, Associate Professor, NTU
Strongly Correlated Systems, Spin Supersolid Phase, Quantum Magnetism, Ultracold Atoms in Optical Traps

Experimental physics

Souhir Boujday, Associate Professor, UPMC, Visiting Associate Professor, NTU
Biosensors, Surface Chemistry, Plasmonics
Carole Diederichs, Associate Professor, UPMC, Visiting Associate Professor, NTU
Group: Xiong Qihua
Nanophotonics, Semiconductor Physics, Optical Spectroscopy, Quantum Optics
Rainer Dumke pic Rainer Dumke, Associate Professor, NTU, Principal Investigator, CQT
Rainer Dumke Group
Atom & Ion Trapping, Atom-Photon Interactions, Cold Atoms & Molecules
Gao Weibo pic Gao Weibo, Assistant Professor, NTU
Gao Weibo Group
Quantum photonics, Solid condensed matter physics, Nano-photonics, Spin opto-mechanics, Hybrid systems
Alexander Ling pic Alex Ling, Assistant Professor, NUS, Principal Investigator, CQT
Alex Ling Group
Quantum Optics, Quantum Cryptography, Randomness, Industry Relations, Quantum Technology in Space
Manas Mukherjee pic Manas Mukherjee, Assistant Prof, NUS, Principal Investigator, CQT
Manas Mukherjee Group
Cold Ions, Precision Measurement, Quantum information, Emulation of Bose-Hubbard Models, Geometric Phases
Sun Handong pic Sun Handong, Associate Professor, NTU
Sun Handong Group
Photonics, Laser Physics, Optoelectronic Devices
David Wilkowski David Wilkowski, Associate Professor, UNS, Visiting Associate Professor, NTU
+65 6513 7407,
David Wilkowski Group
Ultracold Matter and Quantum Technologies, hybrid systems, quantum information, coherent multiple scattering of light, metamaterials
Xiong Qihua pic Xiong Qihua, Assistant Director NTU, UMI MajuLab, Professor, NTU
Xiong Qihua Group
Nanomaterials, Plasmonics and Metamaterials, Biosensing, Laser Cooling, Optical Spectroscopy
Martial Duchamp, Assistant Professor, NTU
Martial Duchamp Group
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), In situ and in operando TEM, 2D materials

Quantum computing

Rahul Jain pic Rahul Jain, Associate Professor, NUS
Rahul Jain Group
Information Theory, Quantum Computation, Communication Complexity, Complexity Theory, Cryptography
Hartmut Klauck pic Hartmut Klauck, Assistant Professor, NTU, Principal Investigator, CQT
Hartmut Klauck Group
Quantum Computing and Complexity Theory, Communication Complexity
Troy Lee pic Troy Lee, Associate Professor, NTU, Principal Investigator, CQT
Troy Lee Group
Quantum Query Complexity, Communication Complexity