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MajuLab Day 2016, 12 May

by MajuLab editor - published on , updated on

Members of MajuLab met on 12 May 2016 to discuss scientific topics of the lab.


Morning session

9h30 – 9h50 Presentation of IFS and Merlion Programme by François-Xavier Lannuzel (Scientific Attaché, IFS, French Embassy)

9h50 – 10h10 Presentation of CNRS by Hermine Vincent (Communication Officer, CNRS, ASEAN office)

10h10 – 10h30 Massimo Pica Ciamarra (PAP, NTU)

10h30 – 11h Coffee Break

11h – 11h20 Dario Poletti (SUTD)

11h20 – 11h40 Manas Mukherjee (CQT, NUS)

11h40 – 12h00 Tomasz Paterek (PAP, NTU)

12h00 – 12h20 Claus-Dieter Ohl (PAP, NTU)

12h20 – 12h40 Rahul Jain (CQT, SoC, NUS)

12h40 – 14h00 Lunch @ NTU facilities

Afternoon session

14h – 14h20 David Wilkowski (UNS, CQT, PAP, NTU)

14h20 – 14h40 Souhir Boujday (UPMC, MSE, NTU)

14h40 – 15h Thibault Vogt (CQT, NUS)

15h – 15h20 Benoît Grémaud (CNRS, CQT, NUS)

15h20 – 15h50 Coffee Break

15h50 – 16h10 Troy Lee (CQT, MAS, NTU)

16h10 – 16h30 Ng Hui Khoon (CQT, Yale-NUS)

16h 30 – 16h50 Hartmut Klauck (CQT, MAS, NTU)

16h50 – 17h10 Weibo Gao (PAP, NTU)

17h10 – 17h30 Kwek Leong Chuan (CQT, NIE)

17h30 Concluding Remarks

19h– 21h BBQ social event (on invitation)

A few pictures