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Workshop: 1st Singapore Soft Matter meeting @ NTU - 18 May 2016

by MajuLab editor - published on , updated on

Soft Matter & Beyond

Workshop, 18 May 2016
Nanyang Technological University
SPMS-LT3 (SPMS-03-02)

The workshop aims at bringing together researchers working on related fields which may be summarized under the general term Soft Matter, to get to know each other and possibly start new ties.

Time Speaker Title
9.00am Ran Ni Tunable long range forces mediated by self-propelled colloidal hard spheres
9.30am Duane Loh Resolving intermediate states of nucleation
10am Siew-Wan Ohl Oscillating bubbles near bio-materials and cells
10.30am Break
11am Mederic Argentina Scaling macroscopic aquatic locomotion
11.30am Hashimoto Michinao Low-cost Microfludic Platform for Fabrication of Biomaterials
12pm Claus-Dieter Ohl Bubbles and Droplets, big and small
12.30pm Lunch at NTU dining facilities
1.30pm Rogerio Manica The impact of drops and bubbles with deformable interfaces
2pm Yong Ee Hou Morphometry, evolution and physics of avian egg shape
2.30pm Li Hua Multiphysics Modelling of Smart Hydrogels in BioMEMS
3pm Break
3.30pm Virgile Viasnoff Controlling the microenvironment around single cells
4pm Sabyasachi Dasgupta Dynamics at cell-cell interfaces of epithelial tissues
4.30pm Massimo Pica Ciamarra Elasticity of soft solids
Workshop programme