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MajuLab to work on ANR-funded project on Alkali-earth matter wave interferometry

by MajuLab editor - published on

MajuLab to work on ANR-funded project on Alkali-earth matter wave interferometry

David Wilkowski will work with lead PI Philippe Bouyer from LP2N, University of Bordeaux, and international collaborators from Stanford University.

ANR ALCALINF: Alkali-earth matter wave interferometry


  • Philippe Bouyer, LP2N, University of Bordeaux

International collaborators

  • David Wilkowski, UMI Majulab/NTU/CQT
  • Mark Kasevich, Jason Hogan and Peter Graham from Stanford University


This project will achieve a major leap in matter-wave interferometry by devising very long baseline atom interferometers. Here we are targeting an 8 meters tall experiment. We use a new approach based on single photon where most of the phase noise, present in actual two photons interferometer, can be removed. Thanks to this new approach, we will explore atom interferometry in an unprecedented parameter range and precision. Hence, the evolution of a largely delocalized wavepackets coherent superposition raises unanswered questions about the relativistic correction arising from the light travel time between the wavepackets during the atom-light interaction. Our experiment will allow for exploring and answering this open question. It will also allow addressing other topics such as the investigation of coherence and decoherence of largely delocalized macroscopic wave, the demonstration of correlation metrology for very long baseline atom interferometry. Finally, this project can lead to future improvement of gravitational antennas, with applications from geophysics to gravitational wave detection.