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Third Atomtronics Workshop, Benasque 2019

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Third Atomtronics Workshop, Benasque 2019

The event took place from May 05 - May 18, 2019.

Organizers : L. Amico (U. Catania-CNR & CQT-NUS) G. Birkl (TU Darmstadt) M. Boshier (Los Alamos) L.-C. Kwek (CQT-NUS) C. Miniatura (CNRS-MajuLab & Centre for quantum technologies) A. Minguzzi (U. Grenoble-Alpes & CNRS Grenoble)

Following the editions in 2015 and 2017, the goal of the workshop is to follow up visions and opportunities in Atomtronics : Atomic quantum matter, like Bose-Einstein condensates, manipulated in electric, magnetic, or optical circuits of very different spatial shapes and intensity.

The typically low decoherence/dissipation rates of cold atoms systems and the high controllability and enhanced flexibility of potentials for ultracold matter make Atomtronics very attractive for enlarging the scope of existing cold-atom quantum technology. With the current know-how in the field, circuits with micrometer scale precision can be realized. Important aspects of mesoscopic physics and devices can also be explored.