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Research Axes

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MajuLab experimental and theoretical research activities are multidisciplinary in nature and focus on:

  • Quantum gases
  • Quantum information
  • Quantum computing
  • Chemistry of materials and interfaces
  • Metamaterials
  • Two-dimensional materials
  • Photonics and laser physics
  • Soft matter (hydrodynamics and granular media)

Research Axes Permanent Staff
Quantum Matter – Theory (QM-T)
Date of creation: 2014
Coordinator: B. Grémaud (2014-2018)
L. C. Kwek (2018- )
L. C. Kwek, C. Miniatura, D. Poletti, P. Sengupta
Quantum Matter –
Experiment (QM-E)

Date of creation: 2014
Coordinator: D. Wilkowski (2014-)
R. Dumke, M. Mukherjee, D. Wilkowski, J. Pedregosa
Quantum Information and Computation (QIC)
Date of creation: 2014
Coordinator: H.K. Ng (2014- )
B.-G. Englert, L.C. Kwek, H.-K. Ng, T. Paterek
Quantum Computer Science (QCS)
Date of creation: 2014
Coordinator: M. Santha (2014- )
R. Jain, H. Klauck, T. Lee, M. Santha
Quantum Photonics (QPN)
Date of creation: 2016
Coordinator: C. Diederichs (2016- )
C. Diederichs, W. Gao, D. Wilkowski, Q. Xiong
Chemistry of Material and Interfaces (CMI)
Date of creation: 2018
Coordinator: B. Liedberg (2018- )
Coming soon
Exploratory Initiatives
Date of creation: 2014
Coordinator: C. Miniatura (2014- )
A. Ling, M. Pica Ciammara, H. Sun, M. Duchamp