Centre for Quantum Technologies – Annual report and focus on MajuLab

CQT 2022 Annual Report
Centre for Quantum Technologies – 2021 Annual Report. Find the full document here

The Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) recently published his 2021 Annual Report, with a special Spotlight on MajuLab!


While CQT researchers collaborate with scientists all over the world, the Centre’s connections with French quantum scientists run particularly deep.

Since 2014, Singapore has indeed hosted the research unit MajuLab, supported by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and other partners, that works on quantum matter physics, quantum information and computation, and quantum materials and photonics.

The MajuLab has over 40 staff with members including researchers employed by French institutions and researchers who share 30% or more of their time from appointments with Singapore universities. That includes a handful of CQT Principal Investigators, research fellows and PhD students.


To read the full article and find out more about the CQT and his ties with MajuLab, read the full report here (the spotlight starts page 16).