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  • Alumnus ENS Cachan
  • B.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc., ENS Cachan and University Paris 11 (1981-1986)
  • PhD (Physics), University Paris 13 (1990)
  • French Habilitation (Physics), University of Nice Sophia (2001)

Professional Status

  • Employed by CNRS since 1989
  • Research Director since 2005
  • Research Visiting Professor at CQT (FoS, NUS, since 2008) and PAP (SPMS, NTU, since 2016)
  • Fellow of Institute of Advanced Studies (NTU, since 2009)


CNRS Young Researcher Award (aka CNRS Bronze Medal) in 1994 for my experimental and theoretical work on atomic interferometry

Research Areas

Ultracold matter, Quantum transport, Artificial gauge fields, Light-Matter interactions

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Current Research Interests


My theoretical research interests are mainly focussed on quantum transport (Anderson localization, coherent forward scattering and backscattering effects, multifractality), strongly-correlated systems, spectral graphs and machine learning, thermalization and condensation from a quantum gases perspective.


Selected Publications (past 3 years)


1) Graph-theory treatment of one-dimensional strongly repulsive fermions, J. Decamp, et al., PRR 2, 023059 (2020).

2) Transfer learning for scalability of Neural Network Quantum States, R. Zen et al., PRE 101, 053301 (2020).

3) Machine learning engineering of quantum currents, T. Haug, et al., PRR 3, 013034 (2021).

4) Coherent Forward Scattering Peak and Multifractality, M. Martinez et al., PRRL 3, 032044 (2021).

5) Wave packet dynamics in synthetic non-Abelian gauge fields, M. Hasan et al., PRL 129, 130402 (2022).

6) Superfluidity vs thermalisation in a nonlinear Floquet system, S. Mu, et al., EPL 140, 50001 (2022).