HPC School on Quantum Computational Materials Science at NTU campus in Nov. 2020

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HPC School on Quantum Computational Materials Science, will be held at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus from 16-20 November 2020.


This first edition of the Singapore School on HPC in Quantum Materials Science is conceived as a sister school of the Paris International School for Advanced Computational Materials Science (PISACMS), which is an annual event held in late August at SU. Five PISAMCS editions have already taken place in Paris, a sister school has been held in Bengaluru (India) in 2018 , and other sister schools will take place in Abu Dhabi and Bengaluru in 2020 and 2021.


The aim of this HPC school series is to train young generations of researchers (PhD students, postdocs, Assistant-Professors) and professionals from R&D departments of private companies to atomic, molecular and condensed matter computational quantum-based methods, from theory to the most advanced approaches, going from the very microscopic to the macroscopic level: density functional theory, classical Monte-Carlo and molecular dynamics, ab initio molecular dynamics, meta-dynamics, linear response, lattice-Boltzmann methods, quantum Monte-Carlo, path-integral, and neural network quantum states.


The Singapore edition goal is to make students and academic or private sector researchers aware of the fundamental principles of each method, classical or quantum, and then be able to choose the most adapted one(s) for a given scientific problem, with an eye on quantum technologies. The broad panel of approaches proposed, both via theory lessons and computer lab projects, is quite unique.


After this first edition, we intend to set up a regular series of HPC schools in Singapore, in collaboration with French and Singapore partners.



Leong Chuan Kwek (CQT, NIE, MajuLab, Singapore)
Christian Miniatura (CNRS, MajuLab, Singapore)
Dario Poletti (SUTD, MajuLab, Singapore)
Antonino Marco Saitta (IMPMC, SU, France)



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