Majulab Seminar – 1 April: 600 days of the SpooQy-1 mission

Majulab Seminar – 1 April

Thursday 1 April, 4:30PM (SG Time) / 10h30 (FR Time).


Alexander Ling – 600 days of the SpooQy-1 mission

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Alexander Ling was appointed Director of the Quantum Engineering
Programme in September 2020. He is a Principal Investigator at the
Centre for Quantum Technologies and Associate Professor in the
Department of Physics, National University of Singapore (NUS).

600 days of the SpooQy-1 mission

The SpooQy-1 satellite was envisioned as an in-orbit experiment for critical components that will contribute to an entanglement distribution demonstration using smaller satellites. It carries an entangled photon-pair source, and single photon detectors, within a shoe-box sized satellite. In this seminar, we will discuss the mission concept and milestones as well as the latest set of observations that have been collected from the satellite. Challenges and
projects for future missions will be shared as well.