MajuLab Seminar by Lorenzo Buffoni – 23 November 2022

MajuLab Seminar: Wednesday 23 November 2022 | CQT Level 3 Seminar room | 10am
Lorenzo Buffoni
Thermodynamic bounds to qubit reset and cooperative reset protocols

Lorenzo Buffoni

Lorenzo got his PhD in Information Engineering from the University of Florence, coming from a Physics background his main research interests are Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Computing and Machine Learning. After some years in the field of quantum thermodynamics, exploring mostly theoretical bounds and fundamental topics, he had the chance to work hands-on with several NISQ devices. Recently he got interested in exploring their energetical footprint and their thermodynamical characterisation. He recently joint Atos-Singapore to work on the energetics of NISQ devices in the framework of a collaboration with A. Auffèves (CNRS MajuLab, CQT) and IHPC-A*Star.  



The third law of thermodynamics, also known as the Nernst unattainability principle, puts a fundamental bound on how close a system, whether classical or quantum, can be cooled to a temperature near to absolute zero. On the other hand, a fundamental assumption of quantum computing is to start each computation from a register of qubits initialized in a pure state, i.e., at zero temperature. These conflicting aspects, at the interface between quantum computing and thermodynamics, are often overlooked or, at best, addressed only at a single-qubit level. We will talk about the implications that this fundamental thermodynamical bound has in the reset of qubits, its potential impact on the scaling of quantum computers as well as discussing new protocols to improve reset quality and efficiency.


MajuLab is an international joint research unit of the CNRS, UCA, SU, NUS and NTU in Singapore (IRL 3654), hosted by CQT and SPMS.