MajuLab Seminar by Virginia D’Auria – 29 March 2023

3:30 PM Singapore time | 9:30 AM French time

Online via Zoom, registration is required.

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Virginia D’Auria, Institut de Physique de Nice, Université Côte d’Azur, Nice, France

Virginie D'Auria

Virginia D’Auria

My research activity covers both theoretical and experimental quantum optics and photonics, exploiting the two main regimes of quantum information encoding, i.e. discrete or continuous variables. Hired in 2010, I developed a project on quantum network synchronisation funded in 2011. Since 2015, I have been driving a new research program on continuous variable quantum optics, exploiting guided-wave optics as well as quantum photonics on different integration platforms. In 2018 I started an additional research line on hybrid quantum states, entangling discrete and continuous variables. Such an emerging bridge between tools and concepts from the two approaches stands as a cornerstone for robust and efficient quantum communication.


Quantum Photonics for applied quantum technologies

Quantum technologies based on guided and integrated photonics represent a field in fully expansion due to the possibility of covering a wide panel of quantum light-based applications while exploiting system miniaturization to develop and test ambitious and scalable architectures. In this talk, I will present our results on the development of telecom-compatible photonics solutions, for immediate applicability to long-range quantum communication as well as for the investigation of more fundamental quantum optical aspects. The manipulation of quantum states of light, coded on various degrees of freedom, including discrete and continuous variables will be discussed by presenting plug-n-play as well as integrated optics solutions relying on different technological platforms such as lithium niobate (LN) and siliconnitride (SiN).


MajuLab is an international joint research unit of the CNRS, UCA, SU, NUS and NTU in Singapore (IRL 3654), hosted by CQT and SPMS.