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Maxime Richard

Maxime Richard

CNRS Senior Director

CQT Invited Associate Professor, Honorary Associate professor at Macquarie University NSW, Australia

Maxime Richard

Maxime is a CNRS Senior researcher (Directeur de recherche). He was hired by CNRS in 2008 in Institut Néel, Grenoble, France. There, he developed experimental activities focused on Quantum fluids of light, on Quantum optics of non-linear microcavities, and on hybrid optomechanical microsystems. He recently joined CQT as a long-term Invited Associate Professor where he is developing a new laboratory for the experimental investigation and developments of highly nonlinear solid-state quantum systems.

His fields of interest are: Quantum fluids of light, Quantum optics and optoelectronics, Hybrid optomechanics, solid-state quantum systems.


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Diffraction grating used to separate the weak thermal and quantum fluctuations taking place in a quantum fluid of light from the very bright laser probe (Frérot et al. 2023).

Recent papers

Irénée Frérot, Amit Vashisht, Martina Morassi, Aristide Lemaître, Sylvain Ravets, Jacqueline Bloch, Anna Minguzzi, and Maxime Richard, Phys. Rev. X 13, 041058 (2023).

L. Scarpelli, C. Elouard, M. Johnsson, M. Morassi, A. Lemaitre, I. Carusotto, J. Bloch, S. Ravets, M. Richard, T. Volz, Nature Physics 20, 214 (2024).

I. Yeo, P-L. de Assis, A. Gloppe, E. Dupont-Ferrier, P. Verlot, N. S. Malik, E. Dupuy, J. Claudon, J-M. Gérard, A. Auffèves, G. Nogues, S. Seidelin, J-Ph. Poizat, O. Arcizet, M. Richard, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 106 (2014).