PhD positions in quantum networks with superconducting circuits, rare-earth ions and integrated photonics (Singapore)

We are seeking motivated students with excellent problem-solving skills and a passion for quantum engineering and physics. You will be part of a well funded initiative to create quantum networks of superconducting circuits mediated by telecom photons.

You will be working closely with the senior members of the lab to design, build, and characterize quantum devices. You will also be given the opportunities to develop your own ideas and make impactful discoveries! As part of the vibrant and diverse quantum community in CQT, we work towards fostering a supportive and exciting environment for our students to grow as a scientist and learn about different aspects of quantum technologies.

We are currently accepting applications for January 2023.

Requirement: Strong undergraduate track record in experimental physics/engineering disciplines; solid foundation in nano/micro-fabrication techniques and/or quantum mechanics.

Our group is strongly committed to increase the representation of women and minorities in STEM at all levels. We therefore particularly encourage applications that will help us in this goal.

To apply or for any other enquiry you can email Steven directly at


Qove Laboratory is led by Presidential Young Professor Steven Touzard and located at the National University of Singapore. The lab is funded by the prestigious NRF Fellowship. Our group works on a large range of quantum technologies, with currently an emphasis on remotely entangling superconducting qubits with telecom photons to form long-range quantum networks.

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