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01 Jan 2018 / 29 Feb 2020

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Total Number of Manuscripts = 9

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Year 2020

Publications                 4

Observable quantum entanglement due to gravity
Tanjung Krisnanda, Guo Yao Tham, Mauro Paternostro, and Tomasz Paterek
NPJ Quantum Inf. 6, 12 (2020) – 12 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 9.32

Dark energy effects in the Schrodinger-Newton approach
Kelvin, K. Onggadinata, M. J. Lake, and Tomasz Paterek
Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D (2020)                                                 Tier1A – IF 4.368
arXiv:1910.013087 pages

Finding good codes using the Cartan form
Akshaya Jayashankar, Anjala M Babu, Hui Khoon Ng, Prabha Mandayam
Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. A (2020)                                                 Tier1A – IF 2.907
arXiv:1911.0296510 pages

User-specified random sampling of quantum channels and its applications
Jun Yan Sim, Jun Suzuki, Berthold-Georg Englert, and Hui Khoon Ng
Phys. Rev. A 101, 022307 (2020) – 17 pages                                                   Tier1A – IF 2.907

Book Chapters             NA
Manuscripts                 NA

Year 2019

Publications                 13
Higher dimensional entanglement without correlations
Waldemar Kłobus, Wiesław Laskowski, Tomasz Paterek, Marcin Wieśniak, and Harald Weinfurter 
The European Physical Journal D 73, 29 (2019) – 6 pages                                             IF 1.331

 Generalised uncertainty relations from superpositions of geometries
Matthew J. Lake, Marek Miller, Ray F. Ganardi, Zheng Liu, Shi-Dong Liang, and Tomasz Paterek
Classical and Quantum Gravity 36, 155012 (2019) – 42 pages                                     IF 3.487

Non-Classical Correlations in n-Cycle Setting
Kishor Bharti, Maharshi Ray, and Leong-Chuan Kwek
Entropy 21, 134 (2019) – 18 pages                                                                             IF 2.419
arXiv :1812.04882

Comparing the randomized benchmarking figure with the average infidelity of a quantum gate-set
Jiaan Qi, and Hui Khoon Ng
International Journal of Quantum Information 17, 1950031 (2019) – 17 pages              IF 0.837
arXiv :1805.10622

Very strong evidence in favor of quantum mechanics and against local hidden variables from a Bayesian analysis
Gu, W. Li, M. Evans, and B.-G. Englert
Physical Review A 99, 026104 (2019) – 17 pages                                            Tier1A – IF 2.907

Reply to “Comment on `Past of a quantum particle revisited’ ”
B.-G. Englert, K. Horia, J. Dai, Y. L. Len, and H. K. Ng
Physical Review A 99, 026104 (2019) – 3 pages                                              Tier1A – IF 2.907

Proper error bars for self-calibrating quantum tomography
Y. Sim, J. Shang, H. K. Ng, and B.-G. Englert
Physical Review A 100, 022333 (2019) – 10 pages                                           Tier1A – IF 2.907

Quantum Fisher information with coherence
Hradil, J. Řeháček, L. Sánchez-Soto, and B.-G. Englert
Optica 6, 1437 (2019) – 4 pages                                                                    Tier1A – IF 9.263

Environment mediated multipartite and multidimensional entanglement
Chee Kong Lee, Mojdeh S. Najafabadi, Daniel Schumayer, Leong Chuan Kwek, and David A. W. Hutchinson
Sci. Rep. 9, 9147 (2019) – 9 pages                                                                  Tier1B – IF 4.011

Phase diffusion and the small-noise approximation in linear amplifiers: Limitations and beyond
Andy Chia, Michal Hajdušek, Rosario Fazio, Leong-Chuan Kwek, and Vlatko Vedral
Quantum 3, 200 (2019) – 27 pages                                                                                        NA

Entanglement gain in measurements with unknown results
Margherita Zuppardo, Ray Ganardi, Marek Miller, Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, and Tomasz Paterek
Phys. Rev. A 99, 042319 (2019) – 8 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 2.907

Non-classicality of spin structures in condensed matter: An analysis of Sr14Cu24O41
Y. Kon, T. Krisnanda, P. Sengupta, and T. Paterek
Phys. Rev. B 100, 235103 (2019) – 7 pages                                                     Tier1A – IF 3.736

Quantum neuromorphic platform for quantum state preparation
Ghosh, T. Paterek, and T. C. H. Liew
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 260404 (2019) – 6 pages                                                 Tier1A – IF 9.227

Book Chapters 2

 The statistical atom
Schwinger and B.-G. Englert
Proceedings of the Julian Schwinger Centennial Conference, B.-G. Englert Ed., Chapter 16, 237 (World Scientific, 2019) – 33 pages

Speeches by V. F. Weisskopf, J. H. Van Vleck, I. I. Rabi, M. Hamermesh, B. T. Feld, R. P. Feynman, and D. Saxon, given in honor of Julian Schwinger at his 60th birthday
B.-G. Englert and K. A. Milton
Proceedings of the Julian Schwinger Centennial Conference, B.-G. Englert Ed., Chapter 19, 285 (World Scientific, 2019) – 27 pages

Books                          1

Proceedings of the Julian Schwinger Centennial Conference
edited by B.-G. Englert
World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore 2019
ISBN 978-981-12-1213-0

Manuscripts                 6

Origin of quantum advantage in the optimally assisted random access code protocols
Som Kanjilal, C Jebarathinam, Tomasz Paterek, and Dipankar Home
arXiv:1912.099006 pages

An atomic test of higher-order interference
Kai Sheng Lee, Zhao Zhuo, Christophe Couteau, David Wilkowski, and Tomasz Paterek
arXiv:1911.129537 pages

Multipartite Entanglement Analysis from Random Correlations
Lukas Knips, Jan Dziewior, Waldemar Kłobus, Wiesław Laskowski, Tomasz Paterek, Peter J. Shadbolt, Harald Weinfurter, and Jasmin D. A. Meinecke
arXiv:1910.107328 pages

Experimental localisation of quantum entanglement through monitored classical mediator
Soham Pal, Priya Batra, Tomasz Paterek, and T. S. Mahesh
arXiv:1909.110305 pages

Noise-induced amplification: Parametric amplifiers cannot simulate all phase-preserving linear amplifiers
Chia, M. Hajdusek, R. Nair, R. Fazio, L. C. Kwek, V. Vedral
arXiv:1903.0937011 pages

Using prior expansions for prior-data conflict checking
J. Nott, M. Seah, L. Al-Labadi, M. Evans, H. K. Ng, and B.-G. Englert
arXiv:1902.1039333 pages

Year 2018

Publications                 12

Probing quantum features of photosynthetic organisms
Krisnanda, C. Marletto, V. Vedral, M. Paternostro, and T. Paterek
NPJ Quantum Inf. 4, 60 (2018) – 7 pages                                                         Tier1A – IF 9.32

Bell monogamy relations in arbitrary qubit networks
Tran, R. Ramanathan, M. McKague, D. Kaszlikowski, and T. Paterek
Phys. Rev. A 98, 052325 (2018) – 8 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 2.907

Detecting nondecomposability of time evolution via extreme gain of correlations
Krisnanda, R. Ganardi, SY. Lee, J. Kim, and T. Paterek
Phys. Rev. A 98, 052321 (2018) – 7 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 2.907

Viewpoint: No synchronization for Qubits
C. Kwek
Physics 11, 75 (2018) – 2 pages                                                                                                          NA

Open-system quantum error correction
L. Len and H. K. Ng
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022307 (2018) – 11 pages                                                     Tier1A – IF 2.907

Experimental investigation of quantum key distribution protocols with twisted photons
F. Bouchard, K. Heshami, D. England, R. Fickler, R. W. Boyd, B.-G. Englert, L. L. Sánchez-Soto, and E. Karimi
Quantum 2, 111 (2018) – 13 pages                                                                                         NA

Unambiguous path discrimination in a two-path interferometer
Yink Loong Len, Jibo Dai, Berthold-Georg Englert, and Leonid A. Krivitsky
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022110 (2018) – 7 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 2.907

Paradoxical consequences of multipath coherence: Perfect interaction-free measurements
Zhuo, S. Mondal, M. Markiewicz, A. Rutkowski, B. Dakić, W. Laskowski, and T. Paterek
Phys. Rev. A 98, 022108 (2018) – 13 pages                                                     Tier1A – IF 2.907

Cluster state generation in one-dimensional Kitaev honeycomb model via shortcut to adiabaticity
H. Kyaw, and L. C. Kwek
New J. Phys. 20, 045007 (2018) – 9 pages                                                      Tier1B – IF 3.773

Security analysis with improved design of post-confirmation mechanism for quantum sealed-bid auction with single photons
J. Zhang, L. C. Kwek, C. G. Ma, L. Zhang, and H. W. Sun
Quantum Information Processing 17, 38 (2018) – 14 pages                                           IF 2.222

Coherent transfer of singlet-triplet qubit states in an architecture of triple quantum dots
Meng Ke Feng, Chang Jian Kwong, Teck Seng Koh, and Leong-Chuan Kwek
Phys. Rev. B 97, 245428 (2018) – 10 pages                                                     Tier1A – IF 3.736

Detecting non-decomposability of time evolution via extreme gain of correlations
Tanjung Krisnanda, Ray Ganardi, Su-Yong Lee, Jaewan Kim, and Tomasz Paterek
Phys. Rev. A 98, 052321 (2018) – 7 pages                                                       Tier1A – IF 2.907

Book Chapters             NA

Manuscripts                 3

Adaptative Quantum State Tomography with Neural Networks
Yihui Quek, Stanislav Fort, and Hui Khoon Ng
arXiv:1812.0669313 pages

Checking the Model and the Prior for the Constrained Multinomial
Berthold-Georg Englert, Michael Evans, Gun Ho Jang, Hui Khoon Ng, David Nott, Yi-Lin Seah
arXiv:1804.0690623 pages

All fundamental non-contextuality inequalities are unique
Kishor Bharti, Atul Singh Arora, Leong Chuan Kwek, Jérémie Roland
arXiv:1811.0529417 pages