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Do you know that most quantum sources operate today at low-temperature?

Long-distance secured quantum communications will use single-photons exchanged through optical fibers. To render single-photon sources easily exploitable, CRHEA, MajuLab and NTU have introduced point defects in GaN that deliver single-photons at room-temperature and at telecommunication wavelengths compatible with the national French and Singaporean quantum networks.


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Figure caption: (left) Wavelength and linewidth distribution of more than 300 infrared emitters found in GaN thin films; (right) Second order correlation function measured at room temperature from a GaN emitter demonstrating single-photon emission.


Title of the publication ⬇️

Single-photon emitters at telecom wavelength range operating at room-temperature 
Reference: M. Meunier et al., Nanophotonics 12, 1405 (2023)

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