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How do light and matter exchange energy down to the quantum scales? New insights from quantum photonics

When two quantum systems are coupled, they can exchange energy in two ways: either by exerting a force on each other, or by getting entangled. We respectively dub these energy exchanges “unitary energy” and “correlation energy”. Here we characterize experimentally and theoretically these energy flows, first between a qubit and a light field, then between two fields coupled via a beam splitter. This close collaboration between the MajuLab and the C2N contributes to build new energetic concepts adapted to  quantum computing with photons.


Quantum energy exchange

Figure caption: An illustration of the energy exchanges taking place during the experiment. Credit: I. Maillette de Buy Wenniger.

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Experimental analysis of energy transfers between a quantum emitter and light fields 
Physical Review Letters 131 (26), 260401(2023), covered in

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