Singapore to invest more in next 5-year plan for R&D, including quantum computing as key technology areas

Source: CNA

Singapore will invest S$25 billion – or 1 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) – in research, innovation and enterprise for the next five years.

The Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 Plan, announced on Dec 11, includes a new national programme to prepare for future epidemics. RIE2025 will expand research and development in four domains – manufacturing, trade and connectivity; human health and potential; urban solutions and sustainability; and Smart Nation and digital economy. It will also support businesses in adopting science and technology, and expanding into adjacent areas with “high growth potential”. In addition, it will customise support according to different enterprise segments.

Within the RIE2025 budget, 15 per cent will be set aside for “White Space”, which will give the RIE domains flexibility to reallocate their budgets. Nearly 30 per cent of the new budget, or S$7.3 billion, will be set aside for universities and A*STAR research institutes, 26 per cent to support increased R&D into its four domains and 9 per cent will be set aside for talent development.

The Government seeks to better integrate urban solutions and sustainability, and pursue the latter in a “broader way”. As part of the Government’s boost for manufacturing, it is looking at the “next generation of transport solutions” that will strengthen Singapore’s air and maritime connectivity to the world. As such, the Government is looking into improving the resilience of Singapore’s supply chain, from food to intermediate industrial products.


RIE2025 will accelerate the development, translation and adoption of “key technology areas” like AI, cybersecurity, trust technologies, communications and connectivity and quantum computing.

This will include investments in communications technologies R&D, focusing on 5G and future communications technologies, and drive a nationwide AI model-building and adoption.