The Straits Times: Why you should care about quantum physics

CQT’s Valerio Scarani made a case in print for learning quantum physics.

Article from CQT

Readers of Singapore newspaper The Straits Times discovered “Why you should care about quantum physics” in their Saturday editions on 26 October. The opinion piece by CQT’s Valerio Scarani made the argument that “Quantum physics is good for more than inspiring movie plots. A grasp of quantum technology will be important for the future of the economy.”

In the piece, Valerio discusses the appearance of quantum physics in popular culture and its growing relevance to industry. “With the promise of powerful new computers, unbreakable encryption and sensors that can measure even the tiniest shifts in time and gravity, we are seeing increasing competition among companies wanting to recruit people with quantum expertise,” he writes.

The article ran alongside news of the publication in Nature from Google’s quantum computing team that claims the achievement of quantum supremacy – a demonstration of a quantum computer peforming a calculation that would be practically impossible on any kind of classical computer.  

Valerio’s piece highlights local opportunities to learn about quantum physics. These range from visiting Science Centre Singapore, which hosts QUANTUM: The Exhibition until January 2020, to enrolling for a new specialisation in quantum technologies offered to undergraduates in physics at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The Straits Times is an English-language broadsheet published in Singapore since 1845. It claims an average daily circulation of around 370,000. Subscribers to the The Straits Times can read the piece here. The article is also available via the NUS website.

Source: CQT