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Alexia Auffèves

Alexia Auffèves

Director of MajuLab

CNRS Research Director,
CQT Visiting Research Professor
Co-founder of the Quantum Energy Initiative 
Chair of the IEEE 3329 Working Group  “Quantum Energy Initiative”

Alexia Auffèves

Alexia Auffèves is a First Class Research Director (DR1) at CNRS. She runs the CNRS International Research Lab MajuLab and leads the Singaporean node of the |Quantum Energy Team>.

After an experimental PhD under the supervision of Prof. S. Haroche, she is recruited at CNRS in 2005 in Grenoble where she develops a research line around the theory of quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics. She promotes the physics-philosophy interface within the Grenoble centre for quantum science and technologies now known as QuantAlps, which she runs between 2017 and 2022. In 2022, she launches the Quantum Energy Initiative (QEI), an interdisciplinary and international research community to understand the energetic footprint of emerging quantum technologies.

Her fields of interest are quantum energetics, quantum optics, and quantum foundations.

Group Members

  • Konstantina KOTEVA – Research Fellow, CQT
  • Kiarn LAVERICK  – Research Fellow, CQT
  • Xiangjing LIU – Research Fellow, CNRS@CREATE
  • Samyak PRASAD – PhD student, University Grenoble Alpes
  • Nathan SHETTLE – Research Fellow, CQT
  • Harshit VERMA – Engineer, Eviden
  • Thomas COPIE – Intern, ENS PSL, France
  • Faustine GIRAUD – Intern, ENSTA and Science Po – France
  • Martin PLAZANET – Intern, Ecole Polytechnique – France

Ongoing projects

“BACQ” [French Quantum Strategy]: to build energetics figures of merit from quantum processors => Job Offer

“HQI” [French Quantum Strategy]: to explore the potential of noisy quantum computations to show an energetic advantage. In collaboration with Eviden.

“NISQ2LSQ” and “OQuLus” [French Quantum Strategy]: to develop realistic models for primitives of photonics quantum computations.

“NGap” [NRF through CNRS@CREATE]: to develop realistic models for primitives of gates and amplification based on optical non-linearities.  

“OECQ” [French Public Bank of Investment]: to build, mesure and optimize the energetics efficiency of the quantum processors fabricated by Alice&Bob and Quandela. The project is headed by EDF =>Job Offer

CQT Exploratory Initiative: to develop a research line on the energy cost of quantum technologies



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For general public

Inside Quantum Technology, by Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 29 May 2024. 

Vers des technologies quantiques responsables

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Quid après les lois de Moore et de Koomey ?

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