Quantum Matter Physics Axis

Photo : Image of more than 30 ion string trapped and laser cooled in the experiment at the Cold Ion Group of Dr. Manas Mukherjee at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

Quantum Matter Physics Publications

• Staff

Rainer DUMKE, Associate Professor at NTU and Principal Investigator at CQT

Berthold-Georg ENGLERT, Professor at NUS, Principal Investigator at CQT and NUS Deputy Director of UMI MajuLab

Leong Chuan KWEK, Associate Professor at NIE/NTU and Principal Investigator at NTU [Axis Coordinator]

Shau-Yu LAN, Associate Professor at NTU

Christian MINIATURA, Director of UMI MajuLab, Research Director at CNRS, Visiting Research Professor at CQT, NUS Department of Physics, Yale-NUS Science Division and PAP/SPMS/NTU

Manas MUKHERJEE, Principal Investigator at Centre for Quantum Technologies, Director National Quantum Foundry (IMRE, A*STAR)

Dario POLETTI, Associate Professor at SUTD

Pinaki SENGUPTA, Associate Professor at NTU

David WILKOWSKI, Associate Professor at UCA, Associate Professor at NTU, Principal Investigator at CQT.


• Post-Docs

Swarup DAS

Darryl FOO

Chang Chi KWONG


Sen MU

Nyayabanta SWAIN

• PhD Students

Federico CARLINI

Weitao CHEN


Jianing LI

Chetan Sriram MADASU